Austin Events: Your Guide to Exciting Activities & Fun

Austin events

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the vibrant events and activities in Austin! From music and art festivals to outdoor adventures and family-friendly activities, Austin has something for everyone. This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know to have an unforgettable time in Austin. Get ready to explore!

Key Takeaways:

  • Austin events offer a wide range of exciting activities
  • From annual festivals to cultural and historical events, Austin has it all
  • Whether you’re looking for family-friendly activities or educational opportunities, this guide has got you covered

Top Annual Austin Events

Austin is home to some of the most popular and exciting annual events in the region. Whether you’re a music lover, foodie, or just looking for a good time, there’s something for everyone.

1. South by Southwest (SXSW)

SXSW is one of the largest and most popular annual events in Austin, drawing crowds from all over the world. This 10-day festival features a mix of film, music, and interactive media, providing a unique experience for all attendees.

2. Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL)

ACL is a two-weekend music festival that takes place in Austin’s Zilker Park. With over 100 bands and artists performing each year, ACL has become a favorite among music lovers. It’s definitely an event you won’t want to miss.

3. Texas Book Festival

The Texas Book Festival is a two-day event that celebrates the written word with author signings, panel discussions, and book readings. This festival has become a beloved tradition in Austin, attracting literature enthusiasts from near and far.

4. Texas Craft Brewers Festival

The Texas Craft Brewers Festival is a celebration of craft beer and the community of brewers that create it. This one-day event showcases beers from over 75 Texas craft breweries, along with live music and food trucks.

5. Austin Film Festival

The Austin Film Festival showcases feature films, documentaries, and shorts from both established and up-and-coming filmmakers. This festival is known for its focus on storytelling and is a must-attend for film buffs.

These are just a few of the top annual events in Austin. With so much to see and do, the city truly has something for everyone.

Family-Friendly Austin Events

Austin is a great city for families, with plenty of events and activities for kids of all ages. Check out these family-friendly events to make memories with your loved ones.

1. Children’s Day Art Park

Every Wednesday morning during the summer, the Symphony Square Amphitheater hosts the Children’s Day Art Park. This event is perfect for little ones, with a range of interactive activities and performances to enjoy.

Event Date Age Range
Children’s Day Art Park Every Wednesday in the summer All ages

2. Austin Nature and Science Center

The Austin Nature and Science Center provides a fun and educational experience for families, with interactive exhibits and live animal displays. Admission is free, making it a great budget-friendly option.

Event Date Age Range
Austin Nature and Science Center Open daily All ages

3. Thinkery

Thinkery is a children’s museum with hands-on exhibits and activities that encourage creativity and learning. The museum offers a variety of programs for kids of all ages, including storytime and science workshops.

Event Date Age Range
Thinkery Open daily All ages

4. Austin Zoo

The Austin Zoo is a non-profit organization that houses over 300 animals in a beautiful Hill Country setting. In addition to exploring the exhibits, families can participate in animal encounters and educational programs.

Event Date Age Range
Austin Zoo Open daily All ages

These are just a few of the many family-friendly events and activities in Austin. With so much to explore, make Austin your next family vacation destination.

Music and Art Events in Austin

Austin is known for its vibrant music and art scene, with live music performances and art exhibitions happening year-round. Here are some of the top music and art events to check out in Austin:

South by Southwest (SXSW)

SXSW is a massive music, film, and interactive media festival that takes over Austin every March. With thousands of performers and speakers from around the world, SXSW is a must-attend event for music and art lovers.

Art City Austin

Art City Austin is a two-day outdoor art fair that showcases the work of over 100 local and national artists. Visitors can browse and buy paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces while enjoying live music and food vendors.

Austin City Limits Music Festival

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is a three-day festival that takes place in October and features a diverse lineup of musical acts. With eight stages and over 140 artists, the ACL Music Festival is a must-see event for music lovers.

East Austin Studio Tour

The East Austin Studio Tour is a free, self-guided tour that showcases the work of over 500 local artists. Visitors can explore art galleries and studios in East Austin and meet the artists behind the work.

Blanton Museum of Art

The Blanton Museum of Art is one of Austin’s premier art museums and features a diverse collection of artwork from around the world. With over 18,000 works of art, the Blanton is a must-visit destination for art lovers.

COTA Amphitheater

The Circuit of the Americas (COTA) Amphitheater hosts outdoor concerts that feature big-name musical acts and up-and-coming artists. With a capacity of 14,000, the COTA Amphitheater is a great place to catch a live music performance.

Whether you’re into music or art, Austin has something for everyone. Check out these events and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the city.

Outdoor and Sports Events in Austin

If you’re looking for some outdoor fun and adventure, Austin has plenty of options to choose from. From hiking and biking to water sports and more, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Event Date Description
Annual Austin Marathon February A popular marathon that draws runners from all over the world to challenge themselves on the hilly Austin terrain.
Blues on the Green Summer months A free live music event featuring local musicians that takes place in the beautiful Zilker Park.

If you’re a sports fan, Austin has plenty of exciting spectator events to attend, including the University of Texas Longhorns football games and the annual X Games. And if you’d rather be active yourself, there are numerous sports leagues and clubs to join, ranging from basketball to ultimate frisbee.

  • Rock Climbing: Austin has numerous indoor and outdoor rock climbing options for all skill levels, including the popular Barton Creek Greenbelt.
  • Kayaking and Paddleboarding: Take advantage of Austin’s numerous lakes and rivers with kayaking and paddleboarding rentals and tours.
  • Biking: With miles of bike trails and paths, Austin is ideal for cycling enthusiasts. Rent a bike or join one of the many bike tours in the city.

Whether you prefer to watch or participate, Austin has something for everyone when it comes to outdoor and sports events.

Food and Drink Events in Austin

When it comes to food and drink events, Austin does not disappoint. With its diverse culinary scene and craft beverage industry, there is always something exciting happening. Whether you’re a foodie or a beer enthusiast, there’s an event for you.

Austin Food Festivals

Austin hosts several food festivals throughout the year, celebrating everything from barbecue to tacos. The Austin Food + Wine Festival brings together top chefs, winemakers, and culinary experts for a weekend of tastings and demonstrations. The Texas Monthly BBQ Fest showcases the best barbecue in Texas, with pitmasters from around the state serving up their signature dishes.

Festival Name Date
Austin Food + Wine Festival April
Texas Monthly BBQ Fest November

Austin Breweries

Austin has a thriving craft beer scene, with numerous breweries and taprooms to visit. The annual Austin Beer Week showcases the best of the city’s breweries, with events such as tastings and beer dinners. If you’re looking for a more casual beer experience, check out the beer gardens at places like Lazarus Brewing and The ABGB.

Local Farmers Markets

For those who prefer locally sourced food, Austin has a variety of farmers markets throughout the city, offering fresh produce, artisanal goods, and local treats. The Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller is a popular weekend destination, with over 100 vendors selling everything from seasonal vegetables to organic beef.

Coffee and Cocktail Culture

Austin also has a thriving coffee and cocktail culture. The annual Austin Coffee Fest brings together local coffee roasters and baristas for a day of tastings and competitions. Meanwhile, the Austin Cocktail Festival celebrates the city’s mixology scene, with top bartenders competing for awards.

“The Austin Cocktail Festival celebrates the city’s mixology scene, with top bartenders competing for awards.”

Whether you’re looking for food festivals, breweries, farmers markets, coffee, or cocktails, Austin has it all. Join the locals and tourists alike in indulging in the city’s culinary delights.

Cultural and Historical Events in Austin

Austin’s rich history and vibrant culture are celebrated through a variety of events and attractions throughout the year. Here are some of the top cultural and historical events in Austin:

Event Description
Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum The museum showcases the history of Texas with interactive exhibits, artifacts, and documentaries.
Juneteenth A celebration of the end of slavery in Texas, with events such as parades, music performances, and food festivals.
Mexican American Cultural Center The center features art galleries, performance spaces, and cultural events that showcase the contributions of Mexican Americans to Texas’ history and culture.
Texas Book Festival One of the largest literary events in the country, featuring author readings, book signings, and other literary activities for all ages.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the history of Texas or experiencing the diverse cultures within the state, Austin has plenty of events and attractions to offer. Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to immerse yourself in the cultural and historical richness of Austin!

Educational Events in Austin

Want to learn something new? Austin has plenty of educational events to offer. From workshops to seminars, conferences to lectures, there’s always something happening in Austin that can help you expand your knowledge and skills.


Workshop Name Date Location
Introduction to Coding July 15th Capital Factory
Photography Basics August 5th Austin School of Photography

These hands-on workshops are a great opportunity to learn a new skill from experienced professionals. Whether you want to master the basics of coding or improve your photography skills, there’s a workshop in Austin that can help you achieve your goals.


Looking for a more in-depth learning experience? Check out some of the seminars offered in Austin. Here are a few upcoming options:

  • Financial Planning for Young Professionals
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies

These seminars cover a range of topics and are led by experts in their fields. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or simply learn something new, attending one of these seminars is a great way to gain valuable knowledge and insights.


Want to network with like-minded individuals and gain valuable industry insights? Look no further than the conferences offered in Austin. Here are a few upcoming options:

“The Austin Conference for Technology Innovation is a great opportunity to connect with leading technology experts from around the world.”

“The Austin Music Conference is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the music industry.”

These conferences are a great way to stay up-to-date with industry trends and network with professionals in your field.

Community and Charity Events in Austin

Austin is known for its vibrant community events and its commitment to giving back. Whether you’re looking to volunteer your time or attend a charity event, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the Austin community.

Volunteering in Austin

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the Austin community while also making new connections and gaining valuable experience. The city offers a variety of opportunities for volunteering in different areas, including:

Organization Focus Area
Austin Pets Alive! Animal Welfare
Central Texas Food Bank Hunger Relief
Mobile Loaves & Fishes Homelessness

These are just a few of the many organizations in Austin that rely on volunteers to make a difference in the community. Check out their websites for more information on how to get involved.

Charity Events in Austin

Attending a charity event is a fun way to support a good cause and meet new people in Austin. Some of the popular charity events in the city include:

  • Austin Reggae Fest
  • Blues on the Green
  • Republic of Texas Biker Rally

These events offer a variety of entertainment options while also raising money for different charitable organizations.

Fundraisers in Austin

If you’re looking for a way to support a specific cause or organization, attending a fundraiser is a great option. Some of the popular fundraising events in Austin include:

  1. Heart O’ Texas Orchid Show and Sale
  2. Art Bra Austin
  3. Hill Country Ride for AIDS

These events offer a great way to donate to a cause while also enjoying the company of other community members.

Whether you’re looking to volunteer your time, attend a charity event, or donate to a worthy cause, the Austin community has plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and make a difference.


Austin is a city that never disappoints when it comes to exciting events and activities. Whether you’re a music lover, art enthusiast, sports fan, or foodie, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. From top annual events to family-friendly activities, educational seminars to community fundraisers, Austin has it all.

We hope this guide has provided you with insights into the best Austin events and activities that you can add to your calendar. Don’t miss out on the local happenings in Austin, and be sure to get involved in the community by volunteering or participating in fundraisers.

Join in on the fun and experience the lively culture of Austin for yourself. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Q: What is this article about?

A: This article is a comprehensive guide to exciting events and activities in Austin.

Q: What are the top annual events in Austin?

A: The top annual events in Austin include festivals, concerts, and cultural events.

Q: Are there family-friendly events in Austin?

A: Yes, Austin offers a variety of family-friendly events and activities perfect for kids and families.

Q: What can I expect from the music and art scene in Austin?

A: Austin boasts a vibrant music and art scene with live music performances and art exhibitions.

Q: Are there outdoor and sports events in Austin?

A: Absolutely! Austin has exciting outdoor and sports events and activities for everyone to enjoy.

Q: Can you recommend any food and drink events in Austin?

A: Indulge in the culinary delights of Austin with various food and drink events, including food festivals and breweries.

Q: What cultural and historical events can I explore in Austin?

A: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural and historical events in Austin, from museums to historical sites.

Q: Are there any educational events in Austin?

A: Yes, expand your knowledge with educational events like workshops, seminars, and conferences in Austin.

Q: How can I get involved in the Austin community?

A: There are various community and charity events in Austin, including volunteering opportunities and fundraisers.

Q: How does the article conclude?

A: The article concludes by summarizing the exciting events and activities in Austin, encouraging readers to join the fun.