Ultimate Guide to Lexington in 2023: Explore Top Attractions & More

Guide to Lexington in 2023

Welcome to our Ultimate Guide to Lexington in 2023! If you’re planning a trip to this vibrant city, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide is packed with insider tips and recommendations, so you can make the most of your visit to Lexington. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of top attractions, dining, entertainment, and events to help you plan your trip. Let’s dive in and explore everything Lexington has to offer!

Key Takeaways

  • Lexington is a vibrant city with a rich history and plenty of attractions.
  • Our guide covers everything you need to know about visiting Lexington in 2023.
  • We’ll explore transportation options, the best places to stay, historic sites, outdoor adventures, dining and nightlife, shopping, and events and festivals.
  • Get ready to experience the best of Lexington!

Getting to Lexington

Lexington is easily accessible by air, train, and car, making it a convenient destination for visitors from all over the world.

By Air

Blue Grass Airport is Lexington’s primary airport, located just a short drive from downtown. The airport is served by major airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines, offering daily flights to and from major cities across the United States.

Visitors can also fly into nearby airports such as the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, which is about an hour’s drive from Lexington, or the Louisville International Airport, which is about an hour and a half’s drive away.

By Train

Lexington is served by Amtrak’s Cardinal line, which runs between New York City and Chicago and stops at the downtown Lexington station. The train offers a comfortable and scenic way to travel to Lexington, with amenities such as dining cars and sleeper accommodations.

By Car

Lexington is easily accessible by car, with major highways such as I-75 and I-64 connecting the city to other parts of Kentucky and neighboring states. Visitors driving to Lexington can take advantage of the city’s ample parking options, including street parking and parking garages located throughout downtown.

Where to Stay in Lexington

Lexington offers a range of accommodations for visitors, from luxurious hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts. Whether you prefer to stay in the heart of the city or in a more secluded area, there is something to suit every taste and budget.

Here are our top picks for the best places to stay in Lexington:

Neighborhood Accommodation Type Price Range
Downtown Hyatt Regency Lexington $200-$300 per night
Lexington Horse Park Area Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa $150-$250 per night
Keeneland Chateau Annette Bed & Breakfast $100-$150 per night

Downtown Lexington is the perfect choice for travelers who want to be in the heart of the action. With easy access to the city’s top attractions, restaurants, and nightlife, it is an ideal location for first-time visitors. The Hyatt Regency Lexington is a top-rated hotel in this area, offering elegant rooms with stunning views of the city skyline.

The Lexington Horse Park area is another great option, especially for visitors who are interested in equestrian sports. The Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa is a luxurious hotel located just a short drive from the Kentucky Horse Park, where visitors can enjoy horse races and other equine events.

If you prefer a more secluded and peaceful location, consider staying near Keeneland, a world-renowned horse racing venue. The Chateau Annette Bed & Breakfast is a charming and cozy accommodation located just minutes away from the racetrack.

Whatever your preferences, you are sure to find the perfect place to stay in Lexington. Book your accommodations early to ensure you get the best rates and availability.

Exploring the Historic Sites

If you’re a history buff, Lexington is the perfect destination for you! With its rich historical background, the city is home to a plethora of must-visit sites that showcase its heritage. Here are some of the top historic sites to explore when in Lexington:

Name Location Description
Keeneland 4201 Versailles Rd A world-renowned thoroughbred racetrack and National Historic Landmark, Keeneland is a must-see attraction for horse racing enthusiasts.
Mary Todd Lincoln House 578 W Main St Formerly the childhood home of Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln, this historic house museum provides an insight into the life and times of one of America’s most iconic first ladies.
Lexington Cemetery 833 W Main St Founded in 1849, the Lexington Cemetery is the final resting place of many famous Kentuckians, including statesmen, educators, and military figures. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful park-like grounds.
John Hunt Morgan House 201 N Mill St The John Hunt Morgan House is a Greek Revival-style house that once served as the residence of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan. Today, it is a museum dedicated to his life and career.

These are just a few of the many historic sites that Lexington has to offer. With so much to see and explore, you’re sure to fall in love with the city’s rich history and fascinating heritage!

Outdoor Adventures in Lexington

For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, Lexington has plenty to offer. From parks to hiking trails, there’s no shortage of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Here are some of the top outdoor adventures to experience during your visit to Lexington in 2023:

Horseback Riding

Explore the Bluegrass region on horseback and experience the beauty of rolling hills and scenic farmland. Several local farms offer guided tours for both beginners and experienced riders.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Take a relaxing paddle down the Elkhorn Creek or Kentucky River and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding wildlife. Rentals and tours are available for those looking to explore on their own or with a guide.


Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a night under the stars at one of Lexington’s many campsites. From primitive sites to RV hookups, there’s an option for every type of camper.

Hiking and Biking Trails

With over 100 miles of trails, Lexington is a great destination for both hikers and bikers. From scenic routes like the Legacy Trail and the Raven Run Nature Sanctuary to more challenging paths like the Pinnacles in the Daniel Boone National Forest, there’s a trail for every skill level.

Whatever your preference for outdoor adventure, make sure to add at least one of these experiences to your itinerary during your visit to Lexington in 2023.

Dining and Nightlife in Lexington

When it comes to dining and nightlife in Lexington, visitors will not be disappointed. The city is home to a vibrant food and entertainment scene, with something for everyone.


Lexington is known for its delicious Southern cuisine, but visitors can also find international flavors and trendy new restaurants throughout the city. Some of the best restaurants to try include:

Name Cuisine Location
Malone’s Steakhouse Tates Creek
The Village Idiot Pub Food Downtown
Thai Orchid Cafe Thai Southland


After dinner, visitors can head to one of Lexington’s many bars or music venues for a night out. Some popular spots include:

  • The Tipsy Cow Bar
  • Manchester Music Hall
  • Tin Roof

“Lexington’s nightlife scene is lively and welcoming, with plenty of options for visitors to enjoy.”

Whether visitors are looking for a romantic night out or a fun evening with friends, they are sure to find it in Lexington.

Dining and Nightlife in Lexington

Lexington is known for its vibrant dining and nightlife scene. Visitors can indulge in delicious meals and enjoy the exciting entertainment venues the city has to offer.

Best Restaurants in Lexington

When it comes to dining in Lexington, visitors will not be disappointed. The city offers a variety of cuisines, from traditional Southern fare to international flavors. Some of the best restaurants in Lexington include:

Restaurant Cuisine Location
The Village Idiot American gastropub 109 West Main Street
OBC Kitchen American steakhouse 3373 Tates Creek Rd
Ramsey’s Southern comfort food 2250 Nicholasville Rd

Nightlife in Lexington

After a day of exploring Lexington, visitors can unwind and enjoy the city’s nightlife. From laid-back bars to lively music venues, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the top nightlife spots in Lexington:

  • The Burl – a popular music venue featuring local and national acts
  • West Sixth Brewing – a brewery with a spacious outdoor patio perfect for enjoying a cold beer
  • Henry Clay’s Public House – a historic building turned bar with an extensive bourbon selection

Whether you are looking for a delicious meal or a night out on the town, Lexington has something for everyone. Make sure to plan your visit to experience the city’s vibrant dining and nightlife scene.

Events and Festivals in Lexington

Lexington is home to a range of exciting events and festivals throughout the year. Whether you’re interested in music, food, art, or culture, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant city.

Kentucky Bourbon Festival

Celebrate the state’s famous bourbon industry at the annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Enjoy tastings, tours, and live entertainment at this popular event, which takes place in September.

The Festival of the Bluegrass

Experience the best of bluegrass music at the Festival of the Bluegrass, held each June at the Kentucky Horse Park. This family-friendly event features live performances, camping, and plenty of food and drink.

The Breeders’ Cup

Horseracing fans won’t want to miss the Breeders’ Cup, which returns to Lexington in 2023. This prestigious event features the best thoroughbreds in the world, along with exciting races and a range of entertainment options.

The Lexington Art Fair

Discover the best of local and regional art at the Lexington Art Fair, held annually in August. Browse works from over 200 artists, enjoy live music, and take part in hands-on art activities for all ages.

The Woodland Art Fair

Another popular art festival in Lexington is the Woodland Art Fair, which takes place each August. This event is known for its unique, handmade crafts, as well as live performances and a food court featuring local fare.

  • Experience Kentucky’s rich culture and heritage at these exciting events and festivals in Lexington.
  • Be sure to check the dates and plan your trip accordingly to make the most of your visit.


As you can see, Lexington is a destination that has something for everyone in 2023! Whether you’re a history buff, an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie, or a shopaholic, you’ll find plenty to love in this vibrant and welcoming city.

From the historic sites to the outdoor activities, from the dining scene to the nightlife, and from the shopping opportunities to the exciting events and festivals, Lexington has it all.

We hope this guide has provided you with the information you need to plan a memorable trip to Lexington in 2023. With so much to see, do, and experience, we’re confident that you’ll have a fantastic time in this charming Southern city. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!


Q: What can I expect from the Ultimate Guide to Lexington in 2023?

A: The Ultimate Guide to Lexington in 2023 provides a comprehensive overview of the top attractions, accommodations, dining options, outdoor adventures, shopping areas, events, and festivals in the city. It’s your go-to resource for planning an unforgettable visit to Lexington.

Q: How can I get to Lexington?

A: There are several transportation options for getting to Lexington in 2023. You can fly into Lexington’s airport, take a train to the city, or drive using the well-connected road network.

Q: Where are the best places to stay in Lexington?

A: Lexington offers a variety of excellent accommodation options. Whether you prefer hotels, resorts, or other types of lodging, the city has something to suit every traveler’s needs. Each neighborhood in Lexington has its own unique features, so you can choose the perfect location for your stay.

Q: What historic sites should I visit in Lexington?

A: Lexington is rich in history, and there are several must-visit historic sites in the city. From landmarks to museums, you can explore the fascinating heritage that Lexington has to offer.

Q: What outdoor adventures can I enjoy in Lexington?

A: If you love the outdoors, Lexington won’t disappoint. The city boasts numerous parks, hiking trails, and other outdoor recreational activities where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy exciting adventures.

Q: Where can I find the best dining and nightlife experiences in Lexington?

A: Lexington’s dining and nightlife scene is vibrant and diverse. From top-notch restaurants to lively bars and entertainment venues, you’ll have plenty of options to satisfy your cravings and enjoy the city’s exciting nightlife.

Q: Are there good shopping opportunities in Lexington?

A: Absolutely! Lexington offers a range of shopping experiences, including shopping centers, local markets, and unique boutiques. Whether you’re hunting for the latest fashion trends or looking for one-of-a-kind souvenirs, you’ll find it all in Lexington.

Q: What events and festivals can I attend in Lexington?

A: There’s always something happening in Lexington. The city hosts exciting events and festivals throughout the year, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and experience the vibrant atmosphere.

Q: How should I plan my trip to Lexington?

A: The Ultimate Guide to Lexington in 2023 provides all the information you need to plan your trip. From the top attractions to the best dining and entertainment options, this guide will help you make the most of your visit to Lexington.